Creating an effective Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is an important element in marketing yourself to venues, music supervisors, promotors and media. It’s your first opportunity to convey who you are as an artist and why they should care about you.

Unless you are staying on the “down-low” an electronic press kit is a must. If you have a clean an organized EPK you’ll make it a quick and simple process for for someone to track down the information they need to write about or get in touch with you.

So what makes an effective EPK?

Music – The first and most important element in your press kit. Blunt reccomends adding your top 3-4 songs, keeping in mind that most people listen to the first track. Choose a high quality song that has the most feedback first.

Photos and Album Art – Photos should be both high and low resolution. (300dpi, 72dpi) and a maximum of 600 pixels wide. It’s reccomended to use both professional and live photos in your EPK. Vertical and Horizontal Layouts are also important.

Bio – Your bio is not your life history, include a bit of background information about yourself such as basic demographics and move on to relevant information about your career and and past or upcoming releases and shows.

Videos – Another great way to give writers and promotors content to share with their readers is to include videos or links to videos. Promotors and Venues are also more likely to book you for an event if you have evidence of your stage presence.

Links, Press, and Contact Info – Links to your social media accounts, as well as any press releases and your general contact information should also be added to your EPK. Making this available in one place makes it an easy task to consider and contact you for potential gigs.

Your EPK should be made available online and in downloadable format. It’s also beneficial to keep a copy on a USB drive should the need arise on road.

Blunt specializes in Electronic Press Kits. if you need assistance creating yours. Contact us for a quote. Alternatively you can create a free basic EPK here.

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